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Steps to create SQL database at Azure

Hi friends, in this blog we will learn how we can create the SQL database at Microsoft Azure.

Login into your Azure account and move to portal.

  1. Move to left side pane of portal and click on SQL databases.


2. Currently no database is available so we click on create a SQL database link. A new window will pop up like this –


Fill the required details in the create database window as Name of the database, collation of the database etc. I kept the rest of the details as default only you can change the settings as per your requirements.

3. Also select the option ‘New SQL database server’ option to create a new database server in SERVER point. Click on Arrow to further proceed to fill new database server details.


Fill the details Login name and Password to login into the server. Also, select your region and click on correct sign to complete this window.

4. In the SQL database pane we can see the new entry of the sql database that we created.


5. We can also check the server details from the Servers tab.


6. After creating the database, we can also get the option to export the database.


7. Click on Export link to export the database. A new window of Export Database gets opened.


Specify the filename by what name you want to export the database with extension .bacpac.

8. Now, choose the option to create the new storage account. Again, a new window gets opened of Create Storage Account. Fill the required details as URL, new container name and click on OK sign.


Once the database gets created we get the option of opening the database in Visual studio.

9. Click on Open In Visual Studio option. You also get the prompt to add the IP address in the firewall setting, allow that and proceed further.


10. After creating firewall rule allowing connection from your IP address, click Open.



After performing all the above steps, a new azure sql database is ready.

Hope you like this post.



I am Kapil Singh Kumawat working on SQL Server since last 5 years. I am from Jaipur, Rajasthan, India and currently working in Cognizant Technology Solutions as SQL Server Developer. I have a good experience in writing queries, performance tuning, SSIS, SSAS, Power BI, Data migration and database designing. Apart from database I have interest in travelling,watching football and listening music. My blogs are also published on

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