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Microsoft Azure – How to check details about Azure VM sizes using PowerShell

In this blog we will discuss about how to check the details about Azure VM tiers and sizes.

Microsoft Azure has basically three tiers: Basic, Standard and Premium.

Difference between these two tiers are the features present in them for virtual machine like high availability, auto scale etc.

When we create the VM we need to select the size of VM from Basic or Standard tier as per the requirement of cores, memory, disk space etc… But when we create the VM using PowerShell we need to first check the options of sizes of virtual machine available.

To get the available sizes for Azure VM we need to write command –


It lists out all the sizes available to azure VM with detailed information like Cores, Memory etc. as shown in below image.


If we need to just check the name of instance sizes without need of detailed information we can write the command –

(Get-AzureRoleSize). InstanceSize


To check the detailed information about a specific VM size we just need to specify the name of instance size with command like –

Get-AzureRoleSize –InstanceSize Standard_G1


So, using these few cmdlets we can check the available VM sizes available before creating any virtual machine.